When it comes to defining what love means, each one of us can have a unique definition. These 50 photographers have shared their unique point of view around the universal feeling of ‘Love’ and have been selected as finalists among mo...

13 August 2019

Hugo Healy's aerial snapshot of Indonesia's largest waterfall 'Tumpak Sewu', located on the island of Java, wins the #Aerial2019 photo competition organised by AGORA Images, who rewarded the english photographer with a $1,000 cash prize.

8 August 2019

Breathtaking shots from international photographers display the incredible beauty of Mother Nature: from tiny insects to majestic landscapes, discover the #Nature2019 finalists below.

6 August 2019

Henry Do's aerial shot above the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona was voted as best of the world in the #Light2019 competition by AGORA images, who rewarded the Las Vegas-based photographer with the AGORA Hero title and a $1,000 cash prize.

1 August 2019

The AGORA Awards 2019 will reward the best image of the year with a prize of $25,000 for its photographer - the largest amount given out yet in any international photo competition. 

29 July 2019

Charlie Berthaume, photographe originaire de Monaco, a remporté le concours de photographie d' AGORA images '#Yellow2019' ainsi que le prix de $1000 USD grâce à sa superbe photo aérienne d'un vignoble du sud de la france.

26 July 2019

Discover the wonderful world of spiders, ants, bees and tiny humans in this selection of close-up photography from the AGORA images #Small2019 competition.

23 July 2019

The 50 finalists from the #Aerial2019 AGORA images international photo competition have just been revealed, showcasing the world's beauty from above.

15 July 2019

Azim Khan Ronnie's photo was voted as the world's best photo of #Work2019 out of more than 15.000 submissions in AGORA images, a free-to-use photography app that hosts weekly photo contests where photographers can win money and international recognition for their work.

12 July 2019