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#Urban2020: Agora Presents The World's Best 50 Photos

Urban photography is like a window into the world, opening onto infinite perspectives. Cities are known to be huge playgrounds for photographers as every hour of the day offers new perspectives for them, from the desert streets in the morning to the bustling nightlife: a...
#Happiness2020: The World's Best 50 Photos by Agora

Free-to-use photography app Agora unveils their top 50 finalists for their latest contest to date, #Happiness2020 which gathered more than 16,756 participations from amateur and professional photographers all around the world.
The World's Best Photos of #Landscape2019 by Agora

Just in case you needed a reminder to plan your next travel adventure, the 50 finalist photos from Agora's #Landscape2019 international photography contest have been announced and they don't disappoint: fasten your seatbelts and discover below the 50 best landscapes in t...
Meet the German Photographer Author of The World's Best Photo of #Blue2019

@anskar's photo 'Fishermen' was voted best in the world of #Blue2019, awarding him with a $1,000 prize: an occasion to look back on the photographer's journey and the story behind his magical winning picture.
Agora Presents The World's Best Photos of #Fashion2019 

Take a stroll on the Agora catwalk and discover the 50 #Fashion2019 finalists who are competing to win the $1,000 prize!
Agora launches #Sustainability2019 Photo Contest 

Free-to-use photo app Agora has just launched a new photography contest, inviting photographers from all over the world to share their best ecofriendly photos. 
Agora presents the World's Best Photos of #Eyes2019, voted by People worldwide

Astounding images from international photographers show us the beauty and diversity of living beings in the world. Whether you have two eyes, or eight, or even twelve, take a look and discover the top 50 #Eyes2019 finalists below
Se anuncia el ganador de La Mejor Foto del Año en los Agora Awards 2019

La foto 'Songs of Freedom' del fotógrafo ghanés Michael Aboya ha sido elegida Mejor Foto del Año y ganadora del concurso Agora Awards 2019.
Grand prize winner announced for the Best Photo of the Year at the 2019 Agora Awards

The photo ‘Songs of Freedom’ by ghanaian photographer Michael Aboya was voted Best Photo of the Year and wins Agora Awards 2019 competition.
Agora presents the World's Best Photos of #Blue2019, voted by People worldwide

Vivid images from international photographers show us the diversity of the world and what resides in it. From the depths of the ocean to the tops of city structures, discover the top 50 #Blue2019 finalists below
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With its’ origins in Ancient Greek democracy, Agora has evolved to be a place that empowers infinite points of view that shape the way we see today’s world. Over the past couple of years, Agora has transitioned from being a social photo market to a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide.

Every week, the universal concepts launched through Agora’s Hashtags such as #Women, #Aerial or #Hope, are being illustrated by thousands of creators who are sharing their best points of view on the concept. Creators can vote for the best photos in the world while curating quality content, for a chance to win awesome cash prizes (from $1000 to $25000), photo gear and other life-changing experiences.

Everyone has a camera, and now everyone can share their world with millions. Agora empowers people everywhere, inspiring them to learn and to showcase their work.

A new system has been generated, inviting the whole world to participate to the creative revolution: Agora is a global movement bringing the world closer together.